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Important regulatory compliance trends that will affect IT in 2010

What can IT professionals expect for regulatory compliance in 2010?
More regulations, risk management and returns on their investment in
time and technology. As we reported last year about the top regulatory compliance trends of 2009, increased federal regulation and enforcement, changes to state data protection laws and major cybersecurity
policy initiatives are on the way.

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Cloud delusions at the turn of the decade

E-signature is expected to reduce paperwork, bureaucracy and fraud

“E-signature, or digital signature, is a concept that allows for using
electronically signed documents to perform either exchange of documents
officially in circles related to government, or with the private sector
performing electronic commerce or electronic business at large,” says
Sherif Hashim, vice president of the Information Technology Industry
Development Agency (ITIDA). “With this need emerging, technology
stepped in to introduce technologies related to authenticated
signatures on documents.”

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Certificate Authority Administrator

ASRC has an opportunity in Sterling, VA for a Systems Administrator.  Successful candidates will be able go through the clearance process.   This position will be responsible for PKI certificate generation, revocation and maintenance.  Data integrity checks along with minor databse administration and maintenance are also a part of the responsibilties.  This position will take part in Certificate Authority root management, subordinate management, backup of the CA system, contingency planning and end user certificate management.


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OMB to issue transparency directive within a few weeks

The Obama administration is poised to issue a long-awaited open
government directive as soon as two weeks from now that strikes a
balance between new information technology and new policies, White
House officials said.

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