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Senators call on Facebook to reverse privacy changes

Facebook's latest attempts to integrate more closely with the wider web have reignited controversy over its approach to user data. The social network's Open Graph protocol, announced at developer conference f8, is coming in for vocal criticism from prominent bloggers and state regulators. Allegations range from suggestions the protocol will leave members open to blackmail to claims Facebook is trying to dominate the web rather than make it more open. 

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Want to Know What Facebook Is Saying About You? Try This Tool

Interested in finding out what information Facebook is sharing about you
through the company’s new open-graph API? Developer Ka-Ping Yee has
come up with a simple tool that shows
you everything
the social network sends to anyone whose app or
service decides to plug in to the new feature — all it requires is a
user ID or user name.

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Invest in federated identity management now

Now truly is the time for organizations to invest in federated identity
management. Not surprising to hear that from me, but
it's actually a paraphrase of a statement by Tom Smedinghoff, partner
at Chicago law firm Wildman Harrold, in an interview
with Government
Information Security News

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Hybrid Clouds Hit Data Centers - Merging public and private cloud computing infrastructures

There was much buzz about merging public and private cloud
infrastructures at last week's RSA Security Conference in San Francisco. As enterprises use virtualization to
step up the creation of private clouds around their data centers,
security vendors are working to steer customers toward merging private
and public clouds for a hybrid cloud approach.

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All NHIN identity management is local

Over the last few years, federal and state health IT policymakers have paid little attention to the problem of managing provider identities.

The exception is the National Provider Identifier (NPI), a unique 10-digit identification number the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began issuing to providers in 2006 to help manage transactions protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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