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Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You

Three hours after I gave my name and e-mail address to Michael Fertik, the CEO of, he called me back and read my Social Security number to me. "We had it a couple of hours ago," he said. "I was just too busy to call."

In the past few months, I have been told many more-interesting facts about myself than my Social Security number.

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Why are we so afraid to move to the Cloud?

Every remembrance that I have from a usual visit to my bank in the nineties, when I had started managing my own (small) bank account, always begins with a large standing queue.  But, suddenly, everything changed, and my dark remembrances were transformed into an “easy as click” sensation.

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Experts: Gov't trusted Internet identities a long way off

The National
Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace aims to set the
benefits, overall strategy, goals and objectives of the government's
plan to improve how users (and even
devices) are authenticated onto the Internet. The plan, so far, calls
for very limited government involvement in the development
of the identity infrastructure.

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Envisioning Digital Europe 2030: Scenarios for ICT in Future Governance and Policy Modelling

The report Envisioning Digital Europe 2030 is the result of research
conducted by the Information Society
Unit of IPTS as part of the CROSSROAD Project – A Participative Roadmap
on ICT research on Electronic
Governance and Policy Modelling (

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Cloud computing standards: The great debate Why wouldn't you want standards on data portability?

As more organisations turn to the cloud, the need for an effective set of industry standards is becoming ever more pressing.

There is a clear divide between those who argue for implementation of cloud standards and those who argue against. At the heart of this debate is a clear need to balance the benefits of having a standard with the call for a sustained pace of innovation.

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