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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for IDTrust.

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Entrust US Patent Office "Success Story"

To enable substantial cost savings and improved customer delivery, the US Patent & Trademark Office wanted to implement a single, highly scalable, and secure infrastructure that would support both internal and external applications.

The USPTO implemented an in-house PKI to authenticate attorneys lodging patent applications online.  The Return on Investment is one of the best documented cases in PKI, and is based very simply on savings related to elimination of paperwork.  

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European Electronic Signatures & Infrastructure (ESI) website

The current concentration of effort in Europe on electronic signature standardisation. 

Note that this supercedes the previous EESSI program of work.  

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European PKI e-identity Fora


European Electronic Messaging Association (EEMA).  Since 1987 eema has been Europe's leading independent, association for ICT, providing its members with the information they need to remain competitive. To keep in step with industry developments and member requirements, it reinvented itself in 2006, to focus specifically on e-security and digital identity technologies and service. 

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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation dpeloys smartcards and PKI

"The path to implementation of PKI/smart cards by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
(FDIC) shows the use of technology, timelines, and reect the costs that the FDIC incurred.
Furthermore, lessons learned are provided at the end of this section to assist agencies as they
build their business cases. This case study was selected because FDIC has moved beyond the
planning phase and is actually implementing PKI/smart card technology."

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Findings and Recommendations of the Industry/Government FPKI Think Tank

On September 6, 2007, Dr. Peter Alterman, Chair of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority (FPKIPA), hosted a group of PKI experts from government and industry to determine:

1.      The strategic direction for the FPKI;

2.      Short-term actions in support of that FPKI strategic direction; and

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FPKIPA Rich Attribute Exchange with PKI Certificates

Executive Summary

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GCN: "Illinois crosses the bridge"

Illinois was exploring new territory when it launched its public-key infrastructure program at the turn of the century. But it took an economic recession — and a statewide, belt-tightening information technology consolidation — to finally push PKI into use.

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Guidelines on how to determine Return on Investment in PKI


An original whitepaper from the OASIS PKI Technical Committee, in 2005.


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Int'l Cloud Symposium 2011 Wrap-Up Report

This report captures key ideas discussed at the event and describes the consensus reached regarding the barriers to full adoption of the Cloud by public sector bodies. It also identifies OASIS' plans for moving forward on the issues raised.

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Internet2 PKI Research Labs

The Internet2 PKI Labs work to advance the
state of the art in network services for authentication and
authorization. The PKI Labs focus on interoperability and
manageability, trust and delegation models, and scaling in the
technical and human dimensions of PKI.

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