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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for IDTrust.

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US Healthcare PKI Note

An original PKI Forum white paper, from March 2001. 

"This Note examines the critical need to create a secure IT infrastructure for
healthcare that would increase efficiency of service without compromising
patient privacy. It also identifies the challenges that exist, such as
interoperability and government legislation, on the path to accomplishing
such a monumental and necessary goal."

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Wireless PKI and WAP Standards Development


The Open Mobile Alliance is now the 'owner' of standards and specification developed for Wireless PKI and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).


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Wireless PKI Non-Profit Association

"The WPKI Non-Profit Association consists of corporations co-operating to enable a well-functioning infrastructure for mobile e-IDs.

"On these pages you'll find information about how the WPKI Non-Profit Association started, the purpose of its work, the technical specifications for the solution and a lot of other information regardning this solution for mobile e-IDs."

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