European PKI e-identity Fora


European Electronic Messaging Association (EEMA).  Since 1987 eema has been Europe's leading independent, association for ICT, providing its members with the information they need to remain competitive. To keep in step with industry developments and member requirements, it reinvented itself in 2006, to focus specifically on e-security and digital identity technologies and service. 

European Electronic Signature Standardisation Initiative (EESSI) was an important workinggroup (now closedd) of the European ICT Standards Board.  There remains a useful set of resources online. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
OASIS sites: OASIS | Cover Pages | | AMQP | CGM Open | eGov | Emergency | IDtrust | LegalXML | Open CSA | OSLC | WS-I