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Solution Providers Disappointed In Federal CIO's Exit

Solution providers gathered for Everything Channel's XChange Public Sector conference this week said they were disappointed that the Federal CIO who was driving a cloud computing revolution is apparently throwing in the towel after only two and half years on the job.

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Stephen Wilson's Babysteps

Identity evolves: Why Federated Identity is easier said than done


"Identity evolves: Why Federated Identity is easier said than done".

See lockstep.com.au/library/identity_authentication/an-ecological-theory-of-digit

I worry that the term "ecosystem" is much overused. If we actually think ecologically about identity and risk, then it looks like we can reach interesting and novel conclusions!


Steve Wilson


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The directory as graph

Last issue I left you with the tagline, "But what will that future directory look like?" At the recent European Identity Conference (EIC) Michael Schwartz, CEO of GLUU -- with help from Drummond Reed, co-chairman of two OASIS Technical Committees: XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier) and XDI (XRI Data Interchange) -- presented a workshop on "Directories & Federation." It was neither the so-called "LDAP model" of hierarchical, object-oriented directory, nor a standard Relational Database (RDBMS) model of data store.

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Ponemon Study: 73% Believe Cloud Providers Do Not Protect User's Confidential Information

The 26-page survey report returned a stunning conclusion – though one
not surprising to those familiar with legal contracting for cloud
computing; namely that a majority of cloud providers do not believe data
security is their responsibility - but the customer’s.

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Viviane Reding Vice-President of the European Commission, EU Justice Commissioner The reform of the EU Data Protection Directive

The reform of the EU Data Protection Directive: the impact on businesses.

On May the 18th, 2011, Vice-President for the European Commission, Ms. Viviane Reding delivered a speech to the European Business Summit. The Vice-President delivered many key points regarding the long awaited European Union Privacy Directive. Her message was an insightful look into the possible new directive.

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