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Nominations open for OASIS IDtrust Steering Committee

Elections for three seats serving two-year terms on the IDtrust Steering Committee will be held 1-15 Aug 2013. Nominations will be accepted until 31 July. See details.

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UK government adopts IT open standards policy

All U.K. national government departments and their agencies are now required to comply with open standards principles outlined in a Nov. 1 document (.pdf) from the Cabinet Office. The open standards policy promotes the use of interoperable information technology systems, data and document formats.

The document encourages local government and the wider public sector to adopt the principles as well. British national government agencies not complying with the new principles must apply for an exemption.

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Trust will make or break cloud ID management services

If identity-management-as-a-service is to take hold among enterprises it
will need to be anchored by well-crafted rules for establishing trust
that incorporate legal parameters and policy requirements, according to a
pair of identity experts.

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Enterprise 'overextended'? You need to evolve your identity strategy -- Legacy approaches to IAM are failing us

The rapid adoption of mobile devices and cloud services together
with a multitude of new partnerships and customer-facing applications
has extended the identity boundary of today’s enterprise. For the extended enterprise,
identity and access management (IAM) is more than just provisioning
employees with and enforcing the appropriate access to corporate

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Creating Trust: The $9 Million Pilots -- Trying Out Tools for the Online Identity Ecosystem

Five pilot projects unveiled by the federal government, if successful,
should build trust in online commerce, helping to boost the economy,
says Jeremy Grant, head of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities
in Cyberspace National Program office.

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