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Int'l Cloud Symposium 2011 Wrap-Up Report

This report captures key ideas discussed at the event and describes the consensus reached regarding the barriers to full adoption of the Cloud by public sector bodies. It also identifies OASIS' plans for moving forward on the issues raised.

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Researchers find holes in the cloud

Until recently, a vulnerability in Amazon Web Services
including the EC2 cloud allowed unauthorised users to perform administrative tasks.

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OASIS to Define Trust Elevation Standard for Authenticating e-Identity Credentials

The OASIS international open standards consortium has begun work to define a set of standardized protocols that online service providers may use to elevate trust when authenticating electronic identity credentials. The goal of the new OASIS Electronic Identity Credential Trust Elevation Methods (Trust Elevation) Technical Committee is to extend interoperability among online service providers (such as banks and health care providers) and make e-transactions easier for end users.

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Data breaches affect 2m in Mass.

Personal information from nearly one out of three Massachusetts
residents, from names and addresses to medical histories, has been
compromised through data theft or loss since the beginning of 2010,
according to statistics released yesterday by the office of Attorney
General Martha Coakley.

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International Cloud Symposium 2011, 10-13 October, Ditton Manor

The OASIS IDtrust Member Section and the OASIS eGov Member Section are pleased to support the International Cloud Symposium, http://events.oasis-open.org/home/cloud/2011

Responses to the need for policy and standards in the Cloud have been driven to a great degree on a national basis. ICS willwork to broaden the dialogue with presentations from key players in Europe, North America, and Asia. The event will offer a truly global perspective of the standardization issues for Cloud security.

Speakers include:

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