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Stephen Wilson's Babysteps

Daring to question the "open" in Open Identity

I’m developing a detailed submission on the National Strategy for Secure Online Transactions and the fit between the OIX model and the needs of e-business and e-government. But can I please test one of my concerns in this forum?

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Drummond Reed

OASIS XRI and XRDS at the Internet Identity Workshop and Data Sharing Summit

The 6th edition of the Internet Identity Workshop took place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA last week (May 12-14). The OASIS IDtrust member section was a co-sponsor, and for good reason: there was very strong interest in the OASIS XRI digital identifier and XRDS service discovery specifications (both undergoing voting as an OASIS Standard this month).

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Stephen Wilson's Babysteps

Catching on slowly to identity plurality

We should be in the middle of a true paradigm shift, to a new worldview based on a plurality of identities. The Laws of Identity point with great clarity to the reality that we each lay claim to a suite of identities. My own work in PKI over the years (see e.g. Public Key Superstructure) has led to a firm belief in the usefulness of multiple digital certificates, mapping on to multiple real worl identities.

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Policy Frameworks for Trust & Identity

Government authentication policy

There are several policy approaches to authentication, in principle, which tend to vary from one jurisdiction to another according to political philosophy.

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Fundamentals of Identity & Authentication

The OASIS IDtrust Member Section was formed in 2006, partly on top of the erstwhile PKI Forum and OASIS PKI Member Section, in response to an intensifying yet broadening interest amongst businesses and vendors in the tpics of "identity" and "trust". In this we are probably paralleling the "Identity 2.0" movement.

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