OASIS XRI and XRDS at the Internet Identity Workshop and Data Sharing Summit

The 6th edition of the Internet Identity Workshop took place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA last week (May 12-14). The OASIS IDtrust member section was a co-sponsor, and for good reason: there was very strong interest in the OASIS XRI digital identifier and XRDS service discovery specifications (both undergoing voting as an OASIS Standard this month).

XRI TC co-chairs Gabe Wachob and Drummond Reed, along with TC members John Bradley, Marty Schleiff, Markus Sabadello, Nat Sakimura, Peter Davis, Victor Grey, Kermit Snelson, and Nika Jones moderated several presentations and open space sessions on XRI and XRDS usage. Of particular interest was:

On the next day, many of the same OASIS members presented at the Data Sharing Summit, with a special emphasis on how relationship cards could leverage privacy and data portability features of both XRIs and the XDI data sharing protocol under development by the OASIS XDI TC.

The next Internet Identity Workshop will be held November 10-12, again in Mountain View. All OASIS members interested in digital identity and trust infrastructure are invited to attend.

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