Case Studies

A Case for Collaborative Identity Management in a Complex Decentralized Environment

Spotlight On Identity Management: A Case for Collaborative Identity Management in a Complex Decentralized Environment

Using the identity life cycle of the Cornell student as a use case, we will discuss the value of approaching identity management as a collective responsibility. The business and IT sides of the house must partner to meet rising expectations for streamlined access to information in a world where services are distributed not only across multiple campus units but also across multiple institutions. See more...

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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation dpeloys smartcards and PKI

"The path to implementation of PKI/smart cards by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
(FDIC) shows the use of technology, timelines, and reect the costs that the FDIC incurred.
Furthermore, lessons learned are provided at the end of this section to assist agencies as they
build their business cases. This case study was selected because FDIC has moved beyond the
planning phase and is actually implementing PKI/smart card technology."

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A presentation by NASA to the Federal Government PKI Business Working Group.  


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Smartcards and PKI at Medicare Australia


A presentation on a semi-customised PKI smartcard deployed to a large public hopsital in support of a range of innovavtive e-health applications.  


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PKI Adoption Case Study: Financial Services Sector, USA (digital notary)

As the leading authority on the American Notary office, the National Notary Association (NNA) is committed to educating and supporting common law Notaries throughout the United States and to enhancing the value of the notarial act. The registry's PKI project aimed to support the requirement that a Notary Public must use an electronic authentication credential when performing an electronic notarization.

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