EJBCA is a fully functional Certificate Authority. Based on J2EE technology it constitutes a robust, high performance and component based CA. Both flexible and platform independent, EJBCA can be used standalone or integrated in any J2EE application.

EJBCA is an enterprise class PKI, meaning that you can use EJBCA to build a complete PKI infrastructure for your organisation. EJBCA is suitable for small to very large organization and can integrate with the organizations work-flow and legace systems using many different interfaces.


EJBCA has everything for your trustcenter.

You can use EJBCA to issue certificates for different purposes such as:

  • Strong authentication for users accessing your intranet/extranet/internet resources.
  • Secure communication with SSL servers and SSL clients.
  • Smart card logon to Windows and/or Linux.
  • Signing and enrypting email.
  • VPN connections by issuing certificates to your VPN routers such as OpenVPN, Cisco, Juniper etc.
  • Client VPN access with certificates in users VPN clients.
  • Single sign-on by using a single certificate to secure logon to web applications.
  • Creating signed documents.
  • Issue citizen certificates for access to government resourses, used in passports etc.
  • ... and many many more ...

Together with complimantary software of EJBCA you can also:

  • Get central trusted Time Stamps for you electronically signed documents.
  • Perform central signing of document.
  • Sign electronic passport data (MRTD).
  • Issue hard tokens (smart cards) and manage the complete lifecycle of cards and certificates.
  • ... and many many more ...
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