PKI use cases

Retail Sector


Finance Sector

See Digital Notary Case Study from the OASIS PKIA TC.

BACSTEL-IP Secure Payment Submission Case Study The UK payments clearing house BACS built one of the largest PKIs in the banking sector. From the Thales case study:

"BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing System), the UK ACH service, is one of the largest and most successful money transfer organisations worldwide. Its Direct Debit and Direct Credit services process over 60m payment items in a busy day, on behalf of over 100,000 UK businesses. BACSTEL is the access mechanism used for submission of all of these payment instructions. It has been operating for over 20 years with superb reliability and efficiency, consistently exceeding all operation targets. However, the infrastructure of BACSTEL is now aging rapidly, proving more expensive than more modern alternatives to operate and lacking the flexibility to support new, innovative services.

"As the first phase of its ambitious 5 year technology renewal programme, NewBACS, BACS has introduced a replacement for this access network, called BACSTEL-IP. Rather than opting for a conservative, direct replacement strategy, BACS has devloped a truly innovative solution, using state of the art security technology to deliver a platform for dramatic improvements in the services offered to business users, substantial cost savings and, perhaps most important of all, the delivery of advanced new payment services to keep the UK at the forefront of electronic commerce developments."

Technology Overview and Updates Presentation by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America 2006, emphasising the importance of e-signatures and PKI.

See also Identrus, the worldwide private PKI for the banking industry.

Health Sector

See also Health eSignature Authority Case Study and the ClinPhone Clinical Studies Software Case Study from the OASIS PKIA TC.

Smart Patient Data - Case study report from a paryly government funded R&D project. Smart Patient Data is a simple, user friendly and secure system that uses Public Key Infrastructure and secure tokens to access records and share patient summaries over the Internet.

Business Planning for Healthcare Enterprise PKI - A slide deck from Ann Geyer and Bill Pankey, Tunitas. See also Tunitas' Healthcare PKI pages.

US Healthcare PKI Note - An original PKI Forum white paper, March 2001.

Report: EDUCAUSE - NIH PKI Interoperability Pilot Project

Peter Alterman, Russel Weiser, Michael Gettes, Kenneth Stillson, Deborah Blanchard, James Fisher, Robert Brentrup, Eric Norman

"Under mandate to adopt broad electronic business methods by October, 2003, Federal Agencies are working hard to figure out ways to put their business on-line in a way that is secure. A leading contender to make e-government secure is and trustworthy public key cryptography. At the same time, farsighted institutions of higher education have been
busy deploying PKIs and issuing digital certificates to their faculties and staffs to enable secure, electronic business with the government and with each other. These institutions wish to use their locally issued digital credentials to do electronic business with the government securely. The NIH, in turn, wishes to be able to rely on business partner issued digital credentials, thereby avoiding the cost and administrative burden of issuing and managing
electronic credentials. NIH and EDUCAUSE jointly constructed a PKI interoperability pilot
project that demonstrated the ability of the Federal Government to receive electronic forms signed with digital certificates issued by institutions of higher education. "

21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures - Food & Drug Administration

PKI Concerns In Healthcare Settings - Kaiser Permanente, 2000

This Tunitas report discusses issues regarding Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
implementations in healthcare settings. It is based on the experience of Kaiser
Permanente during preliminary design of an Enterprise PKI for multiple applications.
Issues addressed include:
• Technical and operational PKI interoperability between healthcare providers,
partners, affiliates, and patients.
• Privilege management in healthcare
• Long-term storage of electronic medical records.

See also the Tunitas Group's Perspectives on Information Technology for the Health Care Industry at health PKI.



US Dept of Defense PKI Homepage

Canada: Policy for Public Key Infrastructure Management in Canada.

Advances and Remaining Challenges to Adoption of PKI - United States General Accounting Office Feb 2001

What Governors Need to Know About E-SIGN - National Governors Association, 2000

Guidance on Implementing the ESIGN Act - Office of Management and Budget 2000

US Government Smart Card Handbook - US General Services Administration

FDIC deploys smart cards and PKI -

An Overview of Public Key Certificate Support for Canada's Government On-Line - Mike Just, Treasury Board of Canada, 2003, presented to the 2nd Annual PKI Research Workshop

See also NASA PKI case study.


Australian Access Federation (AAF) "will develop and deploy an infrastructure to facilitate trusted electronic communications and collaboration within and between higher education and research institutions both locally and internationally as well as with other organizations, in line with the NCRIS objective of providing researchers with access to an environment necessary to support world-class research".

See also Australian Access Federation PKI Deployment.

PKI: A Technology Whose Time Has Come in Higher Education - Peter Alterman EDUCAUSE July 2004

EDUCAUSE - NIH PKI Interoperability Pilot Project - Peter Alterman et al 2002. A paper presented to the 1st Annual PKI Research Workshop at Dartmouth College April 2002

EDUCAUSE PKI Interoperability Project - Electronic Grant Application With Multiple Digital Signatures, Peter Alterman 2002

PKI Workshop Summary and Recommendations - Burton Group 2002. The Burton Group was retained by Cornell University to conduct a workshop into Cornell's enterprise PKI requirements and develop a set of recommendations. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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