Stephen Kent's "PKIX Standards Status & PKI Directions"


PKIX Standards Status & PKI Directions

Dr. Stephen Kent

Chief Scientist, BBN Technologies

Co-chair, PKIX WG, IETF

Presentation to   3rd International Symposium of the Asia PKI Forum, Korea, 2003


An excellent overview of the position of the "PKIX" standards series, and including some provocative and constructive remarks about the future of PKI.

For example, 

"What’s Trust got to do with PKI?Many PKIs can be created that do not require explicit trust. PKIs can be used to move relationships from the physical world to cyberspace, which is a great way to save money and improve security.

"Many people think of trusted third party (TTP) CA’s as THE model for PKI, but it’s not the only model, and it is often a bad fit for real need" 

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