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NIST/Internet2 annual PKI workshops

Note that the theme of this regular event broadened in 2007-08 t encompass all "trust" and identity approaches, not only PKI.


1st Annual PKI Research Workshop - Dartmouth College 2002

2nd Annual PKI Research Workshop - NIST Gaithersburg MD 2003

3rd Annual PKI Research Workshop - NIST Gaithersburg MD 2004

4th Annual PKI Research Workshop - NIST Gaithersburg MD 2005

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Dartmouth College PKI Lab Web Site

Dartmouth College with support from the Mellon Foundation is working to develop use of Public Key Infrastructure in Academic Computing. There are many potential applications for PKI in an academic setting. There are also many obstacles to be overcome in order to provide PKI based services broadly in the standard network computing environment.

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PKI Library of the US Federal PKI Steering Committee


A rich set of links to mainly government documents covering records management and a range of online service delivery topics in addition to PKI and trust.

See also the FPKI links page.  

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Wireless PKI and WAP Standards Development


The Open Mobile Alliance is now the 'owner' of standards and specification developed for Wireless PKI and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).


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Wireless PKI Non-Profit Association

"The WPKI Non-Profit Association consists of corporations co-operating to enable a well-functioning infrastructure for mobile e-IDs.

"On these pages you'll find information about how the WPKI Non-Profit Association started, the purpose of its work, the technical specifications for the solution and a lot of other information regardning this solution for mobile e-IDs."

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