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The importance of PKI Today


"The importance of PKI today"

Stephen WIlson, China Communications, Dec 2005

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US Healthcare PKI Note

An original PKI Forum white paper, from March 2001. 

"This Note examines the critical need to create a secure IT infrastructure for
healthcare that would increase efficiency of service without compromising
patient privacy. It also identifies the challenges that exist, such as
interoperability and government legislation, on the path to accomplishing
such a monumental and necessary goal."

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Biometrics and PKI

This original PKI Note published by the erstwhile PKI Forum states, "Authentication can be performed with three approaches: knowledge factor (something the individual knows), possession factor (something the individual has), or biometric factor (something physiologically unique about the individual). Biometric technology uses a measurable biological or behavioral characteristic to reliably distinguish one person from another. Biometrics can enhance PKI technology, and, symbiotically, PKI technology can secure biometric technology.

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PKI Position Statement of the Australian Security Industry


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Guidelines on how to determine Return on Investment in PKI


An original whitepaper from the OASIS PKI Technical Committee, in 2005.


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