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A Survey of Trust and Reputation Systems for Online Service Provision

Trust and reputation systems represent a significant trend in decision support for Internet mediated service provision. The basic idea is to let parties rate each other, for example after the completion of a transaction, and use the aggregated ratings about a given party to derive a trust or reputation score, which can assist other parties in deciding whether or not to transact with that party in the future. A natural side effect is that it also provides an incentive for good behaviour, and therefore tends to have a positive effect on market quality.

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FPKIPA Rich Attribute Exchange with PKI Certificates

Executive Summary

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Findings and Recommendations of the Industry/Government FPKI Think Tank

On September 6, 2007, Dr. Peter Alterman, Chair of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority (FPKIPA), hosted a group of PKI experts from government and industry to determine:

1.      The strategic direction for the FPKI;

2.      Short-term actions in support of that FPKI strategic direction; and

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GCN: "Illinois crosses the bridge"

Illinois was exploring new territory when it launched its public-key infrastructure program at the turn of the century. But it took an economic recession — and a statewide, belt-tightening information technology consolidation — to finally push PKI into use.

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PKI Forum's "Return on Financial Investment" for PKI


An original PKI Forum whitepaper from 2002.

Includes interesting and easily understood examples from the mortgage industry, online brokerage, enterprise extranet securit, clinical data exchange with the FDA, and Identity Cards. 


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