OASIS solicits feedback on proposed Open Reputation Management TC charter

OASIS members are asked to review and comment on a draft charter to establish the OASIS Open Reputation Management Systems (ORMS) Technical Committee. The group plans to develop a system that provides the ability to use common data formats for representing reputation data and standard definitions of reputation scores. The ORMS will not define algorithms for computing the scores; however, it will provide the means for understanding the relevancy of a score within a given transaction. The Committee's output will enable the deployment of distributed reputation systems that can be either centralized or decentralized with the ability for aggregators and intermediaries to be part of the business model.

Proposers include representatives of OASIS Foundational Sponsor, IBM, as well as Sponsor members, Booz Allen, Cordance, Google, NRI, VeriSign, and others.

The comment period for the charter closes 22 February 2008.

Read the complete announcement from OASIS.

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