'OASIS Identity and Trusted Infrastructure (IDtrust) Workshop:Evolutionary Milestones'


'Complimentary OASIS Identity and Trusted Infrastructure (IDtrust) Workshop: Evolutionary Milestones,' held at the Burton Group Catalyst Europe Conference, 22 October, 2007, Barcelona, Spain.


** If you are responsible for Identity Management decisions within your organization, you cannot afford to miss this workshop.**

* The OASIS IDtrust Member Section is pleased to announce this *FREE, vendor-neutral* workshop that will occur during the Burton Catalyst Conference in Barcelona, Spain.


* The objective will be to share information between attendees and the invited representatives from various groups involved with identity management initiatives in an effort to avoid duplication and to work towards a common model for identity management standards.

* Programme is announced -- Come hear international experts discuss three areas of *critical* importance: "International Mandates and New Identity Management Challenges", "Emerging approaches to ID Management and Global Collaboration," and "ID Management and Trust Case Studies: Successes and Obstacles."


* Register Online:


* Hotel and Venue:


* OASIS, EEMA, ITU, Liberty, Concordia, Geneva Security Forum and ETSI members are entitled to a discount to the Burton Group Catalyst Conference Europe.


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