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Oracle Unveils New Release of Oracle Identity Manager

Oracle has announced the immediate availability of a new release of Oracle Identity Manager. The latest release of Oracle Identity Manager addresses a number of growing concerns that organizations have regarding compliance and the time it takes to complete an audit with several new features. Serving as the security backbone for Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Identity Management helps customers and partners decrease security threats across diverse IT environments while helping address governance, risk and compliance needs.

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Google Code Project Provides Enterprise Java XACML

The 'enterprise-java-xacml' Google Code Project provides a high performance XACML 2.0 implementation that can used in the enterprise environment. A first release has been announced; the software is made available under the Apache License 2.0. Enterprise Java XACML intends to fully implement OASIS XACML 2.0 and will support XACML 3.0 in the future. It is a totally independent implementation. It fully implements XACML 2.0 core standard and has passed all conformance tests. It provides PDP that can accept XACML requests and returns XACML responses.

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Liberty Updates Identity Assurance Framework (IAF)

Liberty Alliance released the latest version of the Liberty Identity Assurance Framework (IAF). The IAF is a policy-based organizational framework being developed collaboratively within the Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance Expert Group and corresponding public special interest group to advance trusted identity federations based on standardized and certified identity assurance levels.

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Layer 7 Announces XML Firewall and XML Networking Gateway Products

Layer 7 Technologies has announced its XML Firewall and XML Networking Gateway software products support the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) running on SPARC platforms from Sun Microsystems. Layer 7 is the only XML security and networking vendor to offer server software for Solaris 10 OS running on SPARC and x86 platforms through an upgradeable family of XML appliances for SOA and Web 2.0 applications.

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OASIS solicits feedback on proposed Open Reputation Management TC charter

OASIS members are asked to review and comment on a draft charter to establish the OASIS Open Reputation Management Systems (ORMS) Technical Committee. The group plans to develop a system that provides the ability to use common data formats for representing reputation data and standard definitions of reputation scores. The ORMS will not define algorithms for computing the scores; however, it will provide the means for understanding the relevancy of a score within a given transaction.

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