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News lets the community share announcements, press releases, and recommended news articles relevant to IDTrust. (Educational materials that are not time-sensitive are listed at Articles and white papers.)

Utimaco Releases Key Management Security Solution

Utimaco announced the availability of the first key management security solution based on the OASIS Enterprise Key Management Infrastructure (EKMI) standard. Based on Utimaco’s SafeGuard CryptoServer hardware security module (HSM) and the StrongKey solution from StrongAuth, Inc. the new solution enables enterprises to encrypt data on a comprehensive platform-level basis.

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Gartner Declares ORMS "Big First Step"

Gartner analysts, Jay Heiser, Toby Bell, and Ray Wagner, have called the formation of the OASIS Open Reputation Management Systems Technical Committee "an important effort in a difficult area of interoperability." Read their complete report.

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Intel Releases SOA Security Toolkit

Intel has introduced its SOA Security Toolkit as a release candidate. Part of Intel's family of XML tools, the toolkit is a high-performance software module that addresses the confidentiality needs of services-oriented architectures (SOA) by providing XML digital signatures, encryption, and decryption capabilities for SOAP protocol messages.

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OASIS Demos XACML in Health Care

At RSA 2008, Axiomatics, BEA, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and other members of OASIS, in cooperation with the Health Information Technologies Standards Panel (HITSP), demonstrated interoperability of the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) version 2.0. Simulating a real world scenario provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the demo showed how XACML ensures successful authorization decision requests and the exchange of authorization policies.

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Shared identities

Government Computer News discusses how a federated approach makes identity management portable: Overlapping identity management systems can be as much of a pain to users — and ultimately to systems administrators — as multiple passwords. Agencies that maintain multiple user repositories or whose processes cross more than one security domain should consider implementing federated identity management to reduce administrative overhead and costs while increasing security and simplifying the user’s experience.

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