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Information Card Foundation launched

A group including Equifax, Google, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, and
PayPal, plus nine leaders in the technology community announced on
Monday the creation of the Information Card Foundation (ICF) with the
goal of increasing awareness of the use of electronic ID cards on the
Internet, and encouraging interoperability in business around new

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2008 Data Breach Investigations Report

Four Years of Forensic Research. More than 500 Cases -- One Comprehensive Report

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Preparation Key to Managing Data Breaches

Officials from financial institutions offer advice on preventing and managing intrusions.

BALTIMORE—In this era of Internet connectivity, businesses must prepare for what is becoming the almost-inevitable data breach, according to a pair of chief privacy officers for major financial institutions. By Darryl Taft - eWeek

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Identity Thefts Traced to Graduate Healthcare

United Healthcare, the provider for UCI’s Graduate Student Health Insurance Program, admitted that it was the source of identity thefts of past and present UCI graduate and medical students on Wednesday, May 28.

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BNY Mellon Will Spend Big on Breach

Got an extra $886 million in your budget this year? This was the “breach-of-the-week” story in late May, but the lost tape with 4.5 million names on it keeps getting more expensive for Bank of New York Mellon.

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