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North Korea blamed for ‘massive’ cyber attacks

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korean intelligence officials believe North
Korea or pro-Pyongyang forces committed cyber attacks that paralyzed
major South Korean and U.S. government Web sites, aides to two
lawmakers said Wednesday.

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The problems and benefits of identity and access management

Identity and access management (IAM) is arguably the broadest issue in
IT security. There are few other single concepts that impact as widely
on so many areas as that of managing identity in an enterprise business

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Future of Federal Cybersecurity

The state of cybersecurity today is grave. When we talk about the type
of damage that we are taking on a daily basis, it's actually very, very
extreme and we have heavy losses that we are experiencing. Just in the
area of cyber crime, we are losing tremendous identities every day to
identity theft that is being sold to individuals who are taking great
advantage of cyber-criminal activity.

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5 Fed Cybersecurity Priorities for the Summer

A sleepy summer in Washington in regards to cybersecurity?
Forgetaboutit! From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill, to the
suburban outskirts of the capital, administration officials,
Congressional staffers and IT security bureaucrats are pushing ahead on
legislation and policy regarding the securing of government IT and
protect citizens online privacy.

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Siloed reputation management vs. small town reputation management

The real challenge of reputation management is configuring a reputation system to closely parallel a small town.

 Recently, I was talking about the relatively new identity management area of online reputation management. Some siloed reputation management systems were mentioned (e.g., eBay, Yelp, Trip Advisor), which are the ones always mentioned whenever identity management visionaries get together. But, in reality, what we're looking for goes back much farther than the online age.

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